Why is my Check Engine Light Blinking?

Check Engine Light

That little orange or yellow outline of an engine just showed up on your dashboard. It's the check engine light that indicates something is up with your engine, you just don't know what yet. Will it be a major, costly repair or an easy repair that can be taken care of quickly?

When the Engine Light is On, But NOT Blinking

In some cases, the engine light will turn on, but not begin to blink. This still indicates a problem with the engine, but not one that needs attention at once. However, don't wait too long before visiting an auto repair shop concerning the engine light. The problem can escalate if no action is taken soon.

A trustworthy engine repair technician can help locate what that problem is with a digital car diagnostic test and personally inspecting the engine themselves. Certified auto mechanics, like the ones at St. George Transmission & Automotive, know what the most common problems are that plague vehicle engines. But that doesn't mean we'll pin that problem on your engine without testing it first. Our policy is to TEST, not GUESS, to properly solve the issue.

When the Check Engine Light IS Blinking

A blinking or flashing engine light is a great cause for concern. In these cases, a car owner should immediately take their car to an auto repair shop when they see this light blinking. But it may not be safe to drive it there themselves. Pull over and have a tow truck take your car to the auto shop for you when the check engine light starts blinking.

Once at the shop, the certified mechanics will follow the same procedure to test for the engine problem. Usually a flashing engine light will mean something is wrong with the:

  • Fuel injector
  • Oxygen sensor, air flow sensor or other parts of the engine computer system
  • Ignition coil, spark plugs or spark plug wires
  • Engine valves
  • Catalytic converter

Out of these common engine issues, a catalytic converter replacement will be your most expensive. This part connects between the engine and the muffler and is what converts harmful chemical emissions into emissions that are safe to inhale, thus reducing pollution. While technically part of the exhaust system, a faulty catalytic converter will influence how well your engine works, sometimes making it harder to accelerate.

Visit Our St. George Auto Repair Shop for Engine Repairs

Whatever the problem is that's causing your check engine light to blink or turn on, don't take chances with your safety. Bring your vehicle into St. George Transmission & Automotive for an honest and accurate diagnostic assessment for your engine.

Our auto mechanics are ASE Certified and have years of experience servicing engines on all makes and models. For auto repair in Southern Utah, you can't go wrong with our auto repair shop. Request an appointment today when your check engine light turns on!