With over 200 years of combined experience, you can feel confident that the people working on your vehicles know exactly what they are doing. 


Clutch issues, driveline vibrations, large puddles under your car, grinding gears, 4 wheel drive not working, flashing lights and bad noises. Just another day at our shop. Company policy is to TEST, not GUESS. We will find you the answers to your automotive problems and make the best recommendations that we can.  


The cars on the road today are more advanced than they have ever been. Tolerances are tighter, control systems are more intricate, and more electronic data is available to aide in diagnostics. We undergo constant education and training on emerging technologies and diagnostic tools so that we can figure out your problems in the most efficient manner possible. 


Modern suspension has come a long way in recent years, unfortunately many shops have not caught up with the times. Know that there are other options besides needing 4 shocks, an alignment, and a bunch of steering components every time you get a tire rotation. Keeping suspension tight and geometry accurate can increase ride performance, handling, and safety. 


Keeping your rig on the road requires maintenance, it's just a dirty fact of life. Keeping an eye on your service intervals can save you loads of money in the long run, talk to us before you have a 30/60/90 type service!


We also offer pre-purchase car inspections for used cars in southern Utah. If you’re out-of-state and need us to inspect a car you want to buy, have the car owner bring it to our shop. Or, if you’re wanting to sell your used car out of St George UT, a vehicle inspection can give buyers that assurance that your car is worth their consideration.


Brake issues are some of the most common problems that car owners experience. If you’re needing a brake replacement or other brake services, don’t wait to schedule your appointment. When you come in for other auto repair services, we’ll also check your brake system to track when it’s time to replace brake pads or flush brake fluid.