Why doesn't my A/C work?


In triple digit heat, it is no picnic when your vehicle decides that it no longer wants to make cold air. What on earth could be wrong? Lets take a quick dive into how your vehicle's air conditioning system works, then we will jump into some of the common issues that our customer have brought to us to be solved.

In order for your air conditioning system to work properly, it must be full of refrigerant. Once full, the gas (refrigerant) needs to be compressed, and circulated through the system. The system works by creating an environment where the gas turns from high pressure to low pressure. It is at this point that the temperature of the gas drops dramatically, and allows your car to convert it to cool air. 

What are some of the common complaints that we deal with?

My car is blowing air from the vents, but it is not cold

  • Your A/C system may not have the right amount of refrigerant in it. 
  • Your A/C system may not be turning on.
  • The vent system may be blending hot air with the cold air.

My fan only blows on one speed, or is missing speeds

  • You may have a problem with the fan control switch or wiring. 
  • There could be a problem with the fan motor, or resistor. 
  • It is possible that gremlins have infected the dash, wreaking havoc on all manner of things

The A/C stops blowing cold air when at a stoplight, or idling in a drive-thru line

  • Many times this happens due to a lack of airflow across the a/c condenser near the radiator. 
  • A weak compressor may not make enough pressure without higher engine RPMs
  • The symbiotic relationship between hot and cold is out of balance, and order needs to be restored. 

The fan is making a lot of noise, but I can't feel any air

  • You may have a plugged or dirty Cabin Air Filter blocking airflow
  • The system is made up of multiple vents, doors, and flaps. If something sticks or breaks, air may not be directed where you want it to go. 
  • Never underestimate how far a tree is capable of depositing leaves when a car is parked underneath for an extended period of time. 


No matter what the complaint is, our team of technicians have probably seen it before! Schedule an appointment today to get your cool back!