How to Prep Your Car for Cooler Autumn and Winter Weather

Winter Weather

Here in St. George and Southern Utah, our autumns and winters are nowhere near as cold as other spots in the state. We don't often get snow, but temperatures do still drop even in our mild fall and winter months. It becomes more important to be prepared for whatever weather may come our way, especially when it comes to our cars.

Good vehicle maintenance is essential all year long, but can make all the difference as the weather transitions into winter, especially if you're doing any traveling to see family in colder climates. Be ready for weather changes with these suggestions for keeping your car well maintained during fall and winter.

Inspect Car Battery

One of the first victims in your car in colder weather is its battery. The low temperatures may make it hard for the battery to get the juice it needs to start your engine. Rather than getting stranded when the battery dies, have it inspected by a trustworthy technician in Southern Utah. They will test the remaining battery life and its overall efficiency.

If your car battery was recently replaced within the last 4 years or so, you probably will be okay with just some jumper cables handy in case of emergency. If it's an older battery, you may need a battery replacement to be safe on your winter travels. Check with your local auto mechanic for a clear and honest evaluation of how well your battery should run this fall and winter.

Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

Poor visibility is a recipe for disaster in any season, but especially in autumn and winter months. New wiper blades can help improve your visibility through the windshield and back window when the weather does get bad. Consider ordering windshield wiper blade replacements if you haven't changed them in two years or so.

Topping off on windshield washer fluid is another good way to keep yourself prepared. We know how dirty windshields can get as water, snow and dirt spray up when you're following behind another car during these colder seasons. Get your car ready for these moments with these smart (and some of the least expensive) investments as winter approaches.

Fill Up or Flush Coolant

We know that coolant helps keep our engine from overheating in the hot summer months, but what about in the fall and winter? Coolants mixed with antifreeze will be important to refill before winter hits to ensure that water in the radiator fluid won't freeze. Antifreeze coolant will also help keep engine parts well lubricated and your engine from corroding with rust.

If your coolant is still at a relatively good level, check that it's looking clean. Sometimes old coolant will lose its color or build up debris, reducing its efficiency. In these cases, an auto repair shop can flush out the old coolant with new fluids.

Change Oil

Keep your engine running smoothly in the months ahead with regular oil changes. Your auto repair technicians will know which type of oil your engine needs to run at its full capacity and whether old oil needs to be flushed or just topped off.

When your car's in for its oil change, go the extra mile and have auto mechanics check your engine for other worn parts or leaks. Without an engine that runs well, your entire vehicle will shut down, so don't take shortcuts on preparing your engine for the cold.

Be Prepared this Fall and Winter

Don't let unexpected weather this year take you or your car out of commission. Prepare for whatever weather may come by keeping your car shipshape with the above fall and winter maintenance tips. Visit St. George Transmission & Automotive today for vehicle inspections, battery replacements, fluid flushes and all your car maintenance needs from trusted auto mechanics in Southern Utah.