Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil: Which Type of Oil Does My Car Need?

Oil Change

Motor oil may be the most important fluid in your vehicle. It's necessary for keeping the engine running smoothly, which in turn will keep your car running as it should. When it's time for an oil change, though, don't replace old oil with the wrong kind of motor oil for your car.

Your owner's manual will let you know the oil your specific vehicle should use.

What are some differences between conventional and synthetic motor oil?

Less Residue, More Refinement: Synthetic oil is refined from its crude state, removing impurities that allow the engine to remain cleaner. Whereas conventional oil over time will accumulate dirt, sand or other debris to build up sludge deposits, refined synthetic oil molecules won't cling together creating sludge that dirties and slows down the engine.

Improved Oil Performance in Extreme Temperatures: When the weather gets extremely hot or cold, conventional oil won't perform as well as synthetic oil will. In high St. George temperatures, conventional oil can evaporate, leaving less oil to lubricate engine components. In colder weather, conventional oil will take longer to warm up and flow through the engine. For both winter and summer months, though, synthetic oil will flow well through your system and won't evaporate even when overheated.

Decreases Wear and Tear: Motor oil is used to protect engine parts from grinding against each other, wearing parts down over time. With a synthetic oil change, those parts are given a longer-lasting lubricant to minimize friction. Less friction keeps parts from wearing down sooner, meaning less engine repairs and replacements for you!

Professional Oil Changes in St. George, UT

Even within the realm of synthetic oil, you may need to do research on whether you should use full synthetic or synthetic blend oil. Using oil without the right viscosity or service classification may increase car emissions or cause your engine to break down entirely. But auto mechanics who offer professional oil changes can help you find the right kind of motor oil that will keep systems functioning well.

Help extend the life of your engine with regular oil changes from St. George Transmission & Automotive. Our years of service on all vehicle makes and models have given us the knowledge you need to properly change oil, no matter the car!