5 Clear Signs That You Need Suspension Repair

Suspension Repair

A vehicle's suspension helps a driver keep control of their car and have a smoother ride. Despite that, because the suspension system doesn't exhibit problems like an engine might, some drivers go ages without getting it repaired. They might not observe a problem or even know what to be looking for.

When you notice the 5 symptoms below, that's your car warning you not to wait longer for a suspension repair! Suspension problems may not keep your car from starting, and they may not cause billowing smoke from under the hood. But they can be just as dangerous as other system issues if you can't adequately steer or brake.

Warning #1: Proneness for Drifting


Does your car drift or sway more than usual when you turn? Normally, the vehicle suspension should keep the body of the car centered in a turn to help prevent it from rolling over. Leaving this issue alone for too long may cause serious harm to you and your car when making a sharp turn. Hurry to an auto repair shop to address this problem when you observe it.

Warning #2: Inconsistent Balding

Tire tread will gradually wear down over time, leaving balding tires or flat/smooth spots. A well-working car suspension system evenly distributes weight so that any balding or worn tread is even throughout each tire. If you notice, however, that one or more tires are balding more than others, the suspension may not be doing its job. Check tire tread frequently to spot this warning sign before a single balding tire causes you issues.

Warning #3: Clanking or Screeching Sounds

Abnormal sounds coming from your car are usually a good indication that something is not right. This is true with the suspension system too. You may hear a loud screech or clunk that sounds like pieces of metal hitting against each other when going over a bump in the road or braking. Bring your vehicle into a auto repair shop to make sure it's not something more than a few worn parts rubbing together.

Warning #4: Bumpy Drive

Bumpy Drive

You may be in for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride when driving a car with worn struts, shocks or other suspension parts, even on smoother, paved roads. An older strut or shock is less able to absorb shock, making your car bounce more than is normal whenever it hits a bump or hole. Comparing the drive home in another vehicle may help yo see if your suspension is making your vehicle bump around an unreasonable amount on the same roads.

Warning #5: Slower Braking

Be careful when your vehicle edges forward towards its nose when braking or has trouble braking quickly. These can be other symptoms not to ignore that show problems with your suspension. The issue may even make it difficult to brake altogether, so don't delay this suspension repair.

Find Car Suspension Repairs Near Me in St. George, UT

Other auto repair shops may just give you a quick fix to these car suspension problems. But we know that a simple tire alignment or new shocks are not always the answer.

Get your suspension repaired from trusted auto mechanics in Southern Utah at St. George Transmission & Automotive. We'll do a full suspension diagnostic test to accurately find the best solution for a long-lasting suspension repair. Contact us today to set up your auto repair appointment!