10 Tips to Help You Save on Fuel Each Month

Oil Leak

Sometimes it seems that gas prices just keep going up, always putting a strain on your budget. But there are ways to maximize on the fuel that you have, rather than needing to fill up so often. Many of those include simple maintenance services that can be scheduled at your local St. George auto repair shop. In fact, the Car Care Council has stated that regular, “inexpensive maintenance can save as much as $1,200 per year in gas costs.”


2. Change Oil

Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the most common car maintenance services, needed in shorter intervals than most other services. But what will make a difference for saving on gas mileage is the type of motor oil you choose. Your owner's manual or an auto mechanic will let you know which oil is best for your vehicle, although for most newer cars that will be either full synthetic oil or a synthetic blend.

2. Keep the Speed Limit

There are more pros to keeping the speed limit than just avoiding a speeding ticket. The higher above 60 mph you go, the more your car guzzles gas. Maintain a good speed without accelerating an excessive amount. Set cruise control on longer trips so you stay at that good speed.

3. Change Spark Plugs

When spark plugs get dirty or old after miles of use, they won't work as efficiently. Spark plugs are essential to powering your car, which means that if they aren't working at their full capacity, then your car will eat up fuel without performing well.

4. Rely on the A/C Less

We know that summers in St. George and Southern Utah can be unbearable without a working air conditioner in your car. But don't strain your A/C too much or the engine will have to work more to keep up, using up more fuel. If you're cranking up the A/C because enough cold air doesn't seem to be coming out, you may need a vehicle A/C repair that can also help with fuel efficiency.

5. Replace Worn or Missing Gas Caps

Without a sealed gas cap for your gas tank, that fuel will evaporate into the outside air. A well-fitted gas cap is not just a nice feature, it saves you gas by keeping that fuel in your tank once it turns into a vapor.

6. Avoid Stop-and-Go Traffic


Quick starts and even quicker braking in rush hour traffic is going to use up a lot of your fuel, not to mention how much it will wear down your brake pads. When you can, try to stay away from areas with these large amount of traffic. When that's not possible, be sure to slowly brake and accelerate steadily.

7. Don't Idle

Turn off the car if you know you'll be idling for longer than a minute or two. You'll waste more fuel by not turning off the car than you will starting the engine back up again.

8. Reduce Weight

Got a lot of tools, boxes, toys and who knows what else in the back of your car? Decreasing the excess amount of stuff in your vehicle to lower its weight can also save you a notable amount on gas mileage.

9. Change Out Air Filters and Oxygen Sensors

Like spark plugs, air filters and O2 sensors also get dirty or worn out with time. Both of these components help your engine run as it should, at its full capacity. If an oxygen sensor isn't adequately balancing oxygen and fuel levels, or if a clogged air filter isn't letting enough air in, your engine suffers and wastes more fuel to make up the difference.

10. Inflate Tires


Perhaps the most common preventable reason drivers have poor gas mileage are tires with low tire pressure. Well-inflated tires make a significant difference for saving gas because your vehicle doesn't have to work as hard to move.

Save More, Fill Up Less

Get the vehicle maintenance you need to save on gas this month and the next at St. George Transmission & Automotive. For replacing spark plugs, air filters, oxygens sensors and more, our certified auto mechanics will help keep your car in good condition so you aren't wasting gas and throwing away money. Schedule your vehicle maintenance or other auto repair services with us today!