A lot of thought goes into buying a used car. The make and model are important, the mileage matters, but more than anything the car should be reliable. Knowing how well the car will run isn’t always apparent at first glance or with a few pictures in an online listing. This is where a pre-purchase car inspection can help.

What’s a pre-purchase vehicle inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is a service offered by certain auto mechanics to give car buyers a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the car’s systems. This vehicle inspection is especially important if the car you are buying is located in another state. Sometimes you may not have the chance to see a car in person before you buy it. You don’t want to buy a vehicle only to have it break down a month later because of an issue that could have been addressed in a pre-purchase inspection. Instead, let qualified auto mechanics inspect the car for you so that you can be confident of your purchase! 

Before you make your decision about whether or not to buy that used car, ask for a pre-purchase inspection. For used car inspections in southern Utah, call St George Transmission & Automotive. Our auto mechanics will check the entire vehicle for any mechanical or safety issues to report. We know what to look for to ensure that your new car is safe and won’t cost you a fortune in repairs later on.

When you’re buying a used car, make sure it’s ready for the road with a vehicle inspection from St George Transmission & Automotive. Let us give you the peace of mind that your purchase is the right one.