Is your vehicle in need of brake service? Maybe it’s time for a brake replacement or just some annual maintenance. Whatever your brakes need, St George Transmission & Automotive is here to help. With a team of auto mechanics that have been providing brake service and other auto repair since 1992, our experience and high quality service can’t be beat.

The most common symptoms that indicate you need brake repair or service:

  •  Grinding, squeaking or screeching noise is heard when you apply brakes.
  • Brake pedal depresses more than normal.
  •  Brake or low-pad warning light is on.
  • Vibration in the steering wheel is felt while braking.

Most common brake services and repairs:

  • Brake pad or shoe replacement
  • Rotor replacement or refinishing
  • Brake fluid exchange/ flush
  • Power brake system repair
  • ABS repair

How often do your brakes need to be replaced?

This all comes down to you as the driver, plus how and where you drive. For instance, if you only drive your vehicle to and from work in a smooth freeway commute, you may make it 60,000 miles before you need to service your brakes.
However, if you are transporting kids to and from school, with a heavy foot on the brake and gas that reminds you of your racing days, your brakes could last you as little as 10,000-15,000 miles.
At our brake shop, we try to give you a heads up before your brakes need to be serviced so you can schedule in a brake repair job into your calendar and budget. We inspect your brake pads and braking system every time you come in for an oil change or other services to make sure they are in good shape and to help you avoid any brake issues.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above and want to schedule a brake service appointment, or have any questions, give us a call! We are happy to help.