Auto A/C Repair Service St. George

Physicists zapped a piece of aluminum with the world’s most powerful x-ray laser, heating it to 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit. I’m assuming that is just short of how hot your car feels when your AC is not working. We want to help you fix that… FAST.

The skinny on why your Vehicle’s AC stopped working.

Most likely you need a refrigerant recharge. But before we just add more refrigerant to your AC system we need to know why it’s missing in the first place.

Your AC system is a closed loop system, meaning if the refrigerant is gone, we have to figure out why that happened. This way the new refrigerant we add to your AC system doesn’t leak out the same way the previous refrigerant escaped.

Best Solution:

We find it’s best to do a full AC diagnosis evacuation and recharge. How it works is we have a special machine that pulls out all of the refrigerants in your AC system, measures it and finds out how much if any is missing.

While this test is running we check to see if any of the components that keep your AC system working have broken or are not working properly. We also visually inspect the hoses that carry the refrigerant through the closed loop system.

Once that is done, we report our findings to you and find the best and least expensive course of action. We not only want to fix the problem but eliminate any worry of your vehicle’s AC going out again anytime soon.

If you need to schedule an AC Service for your vehicle or have more questions about auto service give us a call we are happy to help!